Many homeowners in San Marcos, California are under the mistaken impression that their HVAC systems clean their indoor air. They believe that by purchasing high-quality HVAC air filters and regularly changing them, they can eliminate all of the pathogens, airborne particulates, and other indoor contaminants that that they’re exposed to. Sadly, this is patently untrue. Not only is there a big difference between air filtration and air purification, but HVAC air filters are largely designed to protect heating and cooling equipment rather than building residents. Understanding this, following are nine outstanding benefits of choosing to have a whole-house air purification system put in.

1. Preserve the Value and Integrity of Your Home Investment

Most concerns about indoor air quality (IAQ) are related to human health. People want to breathe better, avoid illness, and maintain safe, comfortable environments for infants and elderly residents. However, efforts to maintain an acceptably high IAQ can actually bode well for your home investment. Air purifiers eradicate harmful pathogens that standard HVAC air filters do not. As such, they limit the likelihood of mold and mildew development. This in turn minimizes the likelihood of damp building materials that will invariably warp, soften, discolor, and sag over time.

2. Prevent or Slow the Spread of Illness

A whole-house air purifier can limit airborne particulates as small as those that are released during a sneeze. If you have someone enter you’re living environment who’s visibly ill, you’ll have a lower likelihood of catching this same illness if you have an air purifier in place. Using an air purifier along with other sanitization strategies limits the risk of illness transmission significantly. If you have a sick child or another sick resident who actually lives in the building, your air purifier will minimize your risk of getting sick too.

3. Enjoy Deeper and More Restful Sleep

A low IAQ can contribute to problems like snoring, sleep apnea, and broken sleep. Nothing is worse than being woken up by a dry, itchy throat, clogged nasal passages, or other signs of an allergic response. Even people who don’t generally suffer from allergies can experience these and other symptom when living in homes that are mildew and mold-ridden or filled with airborne particulates such as dirt, pet dander, pollen, dust, and lint. Having an air purifier put in will give you the benefit of deeper and more restful sleep. Best of all, given that a whole-house air purifier will improve everyone’s breathing and everyone’s ability to sleep, you’ll also be less likely to get woken up by the thundering sounds of someone snoring right next to you or in another room.

4. Give Your HVAC System an Added Level of Protection

It’s true. Your HVAC system’s standard air filter really was designed to protect the delicate components at its interior. Without this filter, these components would quickly accumulate massive, heavy coatings of dust and other debris. Although buying an air purifier is likely something that you’d do to protect your own health, you’ll be giving your HVAC system added protection too. After all, standard HVAC air filters don’t catch and retain everything floating around in your indoor air.

This extra protection will mean less overall stress on your heating and cooling equipment. Over time, it could mean fewer repairs too. More importantly, long-term use of an air purification system and the cumulative benefits it provides can also extend the lifespan of your HVAC system.

5. Avoid a Host of Unpleasant Symptoms

The list of symptoms that are likely to manifest when you have poor IAQ is seemingly endless. Having a wealth of particulates, pathogens, and chemical contaminants floating around in your indoor air can cause:

  • Frequent nosebleeds
  • Bouts of sneezing
  • Runny nose
  • Recurring headaches
  • Migraine headaches
  • Frequent ear and chest infections
  • Dry cough
  • Itchy, water eyes

Dirty indoor air can also lead to fatigue. It isn’t easy to feel well-rested and alert when your IAQ affects your sleeping and makes it difficult to breathe all throughout your waking hours. When IAQ problems are severe and left untended for too long, they can also result in depression, fatigue, malaise, and more.

6. Take Care of Building Residents With Compromised Immunity

Having someone in your household who’s battling a chronic, progressive, or terminal illness is good motivation for having an air purifier put in. This equipment will enhance their life quality. In some instances, having clean, healthy indoor air may even delay the progression of certain illnesses. More importantly, air purifiers prevent people with compromised immune systems from being overwhelmed by bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other germs that are constantly being circulated throughout the living environment. This added level of protection also makes it easier for people with compromised immunity to relax indoors. They can be less fearful of having people enter the home to socialize.

7. Prevent Chronic Respiratory Issues From Spiraling Out of Control

Just as people with compromised immune systems suffer when IAQs are incredibly low, those who live with asthma, COPD, and allergies suffer as well. In fact, even relatively harmless airborne particulates can wreak havoc on the health and well-being of these individuals. Although air filters can do a reasonably good job of getting rid of larger airborne particulates, a number of micro-fine irritants pass right through them. Air purifiers reliably eradicate these contaminants before they have the chance to cycle through the HVAC system again and get redistributed throughout the home. During allergy season or other times of excessively high pollen counts, having an air purifier can be especially helpful.

8. Enjoy a Fresher-Smelling Living Environment

Air purifiers are also effective odor eliminators. These systems are perfect for households that do a lot of indoor cooking or frequently engage in other odor-generating activities. If you have one or more indoor pets, you won’t have to worry about constantly smelling your cat’s litter box or the pungent aroma of rambunctious dogs who are in between baths.

These systems eliminate smoke odors, food odors, dirty sock odors, and more. Whether you have a massive buildup of dirty laundry, a secretive indoor smoker, or a canine companion who refuses to hop into the tub, your air purifier will save the day. It’s also important to note that unlike scented candles, room deodorizing sprays, perfumes, and heavily scented surface cleaners, air purifiers will work their deodorizing magic without introducing new chemical contaminants into your living space.

9. Protect Your Pets

Many of the same IAQ concerns that have such a significant impact on human health can also have the same effects on pets. Your furry friends deserve clean, healthy, and fresh-smelling air too. Having an air purifier can be especially beneficial for pets if your animals have compromised immune systems, chronic respiratory ailments, or other long-running health conditions.

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