Air Purification and More in San MarcosAir purifiers are a great way to remove the pollutants that come into your San Marcos, CA, home from outside, plus reduce the dust, pet dander, and other irritants that originate in the house itself. Indoor air technology has advanced considerably, and now, UV lights and air scrubbers can not only remove pollutants from your home’s air but also germs and bacteria, keeping everyone healthier and breathing easier. At Oak Island Heating and Air Conditioning, we can install UV lights, air scrubbers, and other air purifiers to improve your indoor air quality and protect people and pets.

Professionally Installed Air Scrubbers and UV Lights

If you’ve been living in a home with poor indoor air quality for a while, you may not even notice the warning signs of pollutants and other contaminants in the air. It can be difficult to detect problems in your air if you aren’t sure what to look for.

There are several signs, however, that you need air scrubbers in your San Marcos house:
  • Increased symptoms of allergies
  • Frequent illness of colds or asthma
  • Increased amount of dust throughout the home
  • Musty odors and strange smells

Over time, the effects on poor indoor air quality can have a tremendous effect on your overall health. Air with contaminants also can destroy your home and cause the need for extensive interior repairs. Choosing UV lights to work with air purifiers can remove air pollutants and kill disease-causing germs, viruses, and bacteria. These units emit short bursts of UV light to kill microorganisms and airborne pathogens in the home, with the ultimate goal of disinfecting the air in your home.

Trusted Air Purifiers in San Marcos

Trusted Air Purifiers in San MarcosAt Oak Island Heating and Air Conditioning, we’re dedicated to helping our clients breathe easy in their homes. We work with your needs to create a custom system of air scrubbers, UV lights, and air purifiers to help balance the humidity in your house and remove contaminants from the air. We’re a comprehensive indoor air quality company that has been in business for over 20 years. As a Lennox Premier Dealer, we can complete warranty repairs and services. Our technicians are NATE-certified, and we complete ongoing professional development to ensure that we’re keeping abreast of industry changes.

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We’re your trusted, local air purification company. Give us a call today for a complete assessment of your home’s air quality and to install air purifiers. We can’t wait to work with you!