HVAC Zoning in San MarcosYou should consider HVAC zoning if you’re concerned about controlling the energy costs for your San Marcos, CA, home but don’t want to sacrifice comfort. This heating and cooling set-up allows for warm or cold air to be directed to different areas of your home, keeping the main part of your house comfortable while reducing the costs to heat and cool the areas you don’t use often. HVAC zone control gives you more flexibility for the temperature on a different floor or in unused rooms and can help you reduce your energy consumption. For precise, efficient zoned AC service, trust the team at Oak Island Heating and Air Conditioning.

Precision HVAC Zoning in San Marcos

HVAC zone control involves setting up different areas of the house for heating and cooling. Each zone has a unique thermostat, and you create different airflow and temperature settings for each zone of the house. The team at Oak Island Heating and Air Conditioning creates zoned AC and heating according to the layout of your San Marcos home, your use of different rooms and areas of the house, and your personal heating and cooling preferences.

HVAC zoning requires a few things to set up and maintain, including:
  • Thermostats for every room in the house
  • A zone control panel
  • Zone dampers
  • An HVAC system compatible with zoning

A thermostat is each room able to monitor the temperature in each zone and help your heating and cooling system maintain the zone settings. A zone control panel will communicate between your HVAC and zoning system, and the dampers will allow for the movement of the air between zones. With all of these components, you will be able to control the temperature throughout your home to keep it consistent and comfortable.

Locally Owned and Operated AC Zoning Company

Locally Owned and Operated AC Zoning CompanyOak Island Heating and Air Conditioning has been serving homeowners just like you in the San Marcos area for over 20 years. Our professional team of technicians has the finest training and certifications and over 70 years of combined experience. We’re a Lennox Premier Dealer and can perform warranty repairs and maintenance on Lennox units. Our technicians are NATE-certified and able to work on all major brands and models.

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