Whole House Fans in the San Marcos AreaWith high heat and humidity during the summer in San Marcos, CA, whole-house fans can help tremendously. A whole-house fan is installed between the living space and attic. It works by pulling air in from windows, and exhausts that air through the attic as well as the roof vents. Along with providing whole-house ventilation, it also provides attic ventilation. The whole-house fan not only aids ventilation but also cools the air in your house. During the winter, in addition to controlling humidity, whole-house attic fans replace stale and contaminated air with fresh air. The process is so efficient that the house temperature won’t get chilly. Oak Island Heating and Air Conditioning has been providing services to make life comfortable for you and your family since 1998. If you are a resident of San Marcos or nearby areas, our highly skilled specialists are pleased to evaluate the indoor air quality of your home and provide the solutions you need.

Benefits of Whole-House Attic Fans in San Marcos

The whole-house fan installation should always be done by a professional as it involves taking accurate measurements, circuit wiring and if required, new attic vents. Whole-house fans come in different models and their sizes should be chosen proportional to the size of your house. Oak Island Heating and Air Conditioning‘s team of professionals can provide free consultation on the selection and installation of a new whole-house fan as per your house’s requirement.

The benefits of a whole-house fan undoubtedly outweigh its installation cost. Few benefits are listed below:
  • Affordable to purchase and easy to install
  • Low operating costs
  • Quiet operation if well installed
  • Reduces need of air-conditioning and lowers energy bills
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Environmentally friendly appliance
  • Removes odors, dust and pet dander

Trustworthy Installation of Whole-House Fans

BBBOak Island Heating and Air Conditioning has been proudly serving you and your family for over 2 decades. We are authorized by the Better business Bureau with an A+ ranking. Our technicians have a wealth of experience and they are also NATE-certified so you can trust us for a whole-house attic fan installation. We deal in premier Lennox products and also offer Energy Star products.

Additionally, we are approved by the EPA. Our aim is to get 100% customer satisfaction which is clear by a large number of great reviews and 5-star ratings from our valued customers over the years. We provide special offers and also partner with Lennox and offer Lennox financing options.

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