Whether you’ve recently installed central air conditioning in your Vista, CA home or have an older unit, AC maintenance is necessary to keep it running at optimal efficiency. With temperatures that regularly exceed 80-degrees and rarely drop below 40-degrees, keeping cool in the summer becomes a priority. When you walk through your door, you should feel comfortable, and a sound AC system is a critical part of making your home an oasis of relaxation. At Oak Island Heating and Air Conditioning, we work with all types of home HVAC systems, so when you need an AC tune-up, we can help.

Air conditioner maintenance can save you from system breakdowns and keep your family comfortable season after season. Just as you perform regular service on your car, your air conditioner needs to be maintained as well. With regular maintenance from our team, potential problems can easily be discovered before they grow into major issues and leave you without a functioning air conditioner on a scorching summer day.

Some of the best reasons to schedule regular AC tune-ups include:

  • Better efficiency to lower energy costs
  • Avoiding unplanned AC outages
  • Keeping your warranty in good standing
  • Less likely to have repairs