Smart Thermostats in Escondido, CAIs your current thermostat malfunctioning? If you have a traditional thermostat, you may want to consider an upgrade. A smart thermostat has tons of functionality that make it easier to save money and control the atmosphere inside your home. Oak Island Heating and Air Conditioning is an HVAC team in Escondido, CA, that provides comprehensive thermostat installation services. We can help you understand the difference between manual thermostats and automatic wifi thermostats. It can take some getting used to but once you learn how to program your thermostat, you can set it and forget it. More and more residents of Escondido are upgrading their home heating and cooling systems to include smart thermostats. Programmable thermostats allow you to adjust the temperature setting in your home from your wireless device. So, if the weather turns chilly while you’re away from home, take out your phone and adjust the temperature remotely.

Best Smart Thermostat Installation in Escondido

Oak Island Heating and Air Conditioning technicians receive special training on numerous brands of smart thermostats. This gives us a wide knowledge base when it comes to recommending a system that will meet the needs of you and your family. Convenience and control are just two reasons why switching to a wifi thermostat makes sense. With tighter control over when the heating or cooling system turns on in your home, you can conserve energy and reduce your monthly energy bills.

Best Smart Thermostat Installation in EscondidoAre you worried that you won’t be able to figure out your new smart thermostat? Don’t worry, we got you covered. After installing and testing the wifi thermostat at your house, our technicians will give you a complete rundown of how to change the settings and program your cooling and heating preferences. Help your home feel a little smarter by linking your new thermostat to your smart home hub for integrated control of all the smart appliances in your home!

Would you like to set up different areas of your home for specific temperatures? With smart thermostats you can network multiple thermostats to set the temperatures desired in each zone. If your current wifi thermostat requires replacement, we can hook you up with an even more intelligent model to maximize your return on investment.

There are many advantages to investing in smart thermostat installation for your home in Escondido.

Reach out to our team to schedule an installation appointment today and realize the following benefits:
  • Save on energy
  • Precise remote control
  • Enable zoning for specific rooms
  • Come home to the perfect temperature setting

If you are on the fence about replacing your traditional thermostat, we are happy to set up a free consultation. We can explain the pros and cons of sticking with your old thermostat versus going for a smart thermostat installation.

Get a WiFi Thermostat Today

Oak Island Heating and Air Conditioning has served customers in Escondido since 1984. Along with our longstanding history comes the agility to change as new technology becomes available. We constantly train our technicians to keep up with the latest trends so that we can offer the best products to our customers. We are a BBB-accredited and A-plus rated company focused on customer satisfaction. Our experienced technicians are familiar with numerous wifi thermostats available on the market.

Whether you live along I-15 or closer to the heart of San Diego, our HVAC technicians can reach your home in minutes. We show up on time prepared and leave the worksite clean and tidy. Our experts also provide air conditioning and heating services!

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If you have any questions about the benefits of smart thermostat installation services, contact our office to schedule an appointment today!