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Air conditioner maintenance can save you from system breakdowns and keep your family comfortable season after season. Just as you perform regular service on your car, your air conditioner needs to be maintained as well. With regular maintenance, potential problems can easily be discovered before they grow into major issues and leave you without a functioning air conditioner on a scorching summer day.

Do I Need an Air Conditioner Maintenance Agreement?

There are several reasons why an air conditioning maintenance agreement is a good idea:
  • Warranty protection -If you do not have regular maintenance performed on your cooling systems, it can void your warranty. A maintenance program will help you avoid this and keep your system warranty intact.
  • Energy savings – a well-maintained cooling system will perform more efficiently than one that is not. Keep your energy bills low with a maintenance program.
  • Discounted repairs – with a maintenance program any repairs your system may need will receive discounted pricing.
  • Peace of mind – with routine maintenance, you can know that your cooling system is in good working order.