If you experience constant problems needing repair with your old heating system, it may be time to upgrade. The systems created in the just last ten years can bring you a whole new world of comfort, reliability, and cost-efficiency. Most homes in Rancho Santa Fe are heated with furnaces that use natural gas. Furnaces heat air and distribute the heated air through the house, using the same ventilation ducts that the air conditioner uses to cool the home. Furnaces, even those that are well maintained, will eventually need to be replaced. When furnaces wear down over time, their efficiency levels decrease, affecting both your energy bills and the comfort level of your home.

Is there any reason for a new heating installation before your current system fails? In Rancho Santa Fe, CA, many homeowners consider energy efficiency as an important factor. An older, low-efficiency furnace can have 50-70% efficiency, while a modern, ultra-high efficiency furnace can reach 98%. At Oak Island Heating and Air Conditioning, we can help you consider your options, whether you’re looking for better returns on your energy investment, or have an urgent need for a new furnace installation.