As a small suburb of San Diego, Rancho Santa Fe, CA imbues a small-town vibe with easy access to city amenities. Moderate year-round temperatures are just one of the reasons that this is a great place to live. However, when it gets cold you might use your heat pump to stay warm. However, issues might arise, and you might need a heat pump repair. When that happens you can count on us to fix it, or if it’s too far gone, we can do a heat pump replacement instead.

Heat pumps offer an energy-efficient alternative to furnaces and air conditioners. Because they move heat rather than produce heat, they provide the same amount of heat for less than half the cost of using other heating and cooling methods.

Trusted Heat Pump Repair in Rancho Santa Fe

Heat pumps come in two varieties, air source or geothermal units. Air source heat pumps pull in air from outside your home and combine it with refrigerants to raise or lower the temperature to create the optimal indoor climate. Ground source heat pumps also provide central heating and air conditioning but use consistent temperatures below ground or from a water source to heat air in the winter or cool air in the summer. Occasionally, your system will need heat pump repair, and our pros can give you upfront estimates and help you understand all your options.

Oak Island Heating and Air Conditioning can install an efficient, ozone-friendly heat pump so that you can realize the following benefits:

  • Lower energy bills
  • A quieter HVAC system
  • Consistent heating or cooling throughout your home
  • High performance HVAC performance