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If you experience constant problems needing repair with your old heating system, it may be time to upgrade. The systems created in the last ten years can bring you a whole new world of comfort, reliability, and cost-efficiency. Most home heating systems either use a furnace or a heat pump.

Below are the advantages of each system and why you should choose Oak Island Heating and Air Conditioning for your new installation.

Benefits of Switching to a Heat Pump:

Heat pumps are a growing alternative to systems that use a furnace or heat through an HVAC system.

You may want to consider switching to the heat pump system if you are looking for:
  • Energy-efficiency: Heat pumps use less power to generate and distribute hot and cool air. This means saving on your energy cost.
  • Safety: The fuel used in heat pumps is not combustible, making these systems much safer than a gas or oil furnace.
  • Less Noise: These systems live outside and already produce significantly less noise than others.
  • More Comfortable Air: Many heating systems result in dried-out air in your home. Heat pumps keep a level of humidity that can help prevent or alleviate common symptoms in winter conditions such as dry throat or asthma.

Furnace Installation

With increasing energy prices, a new furnace installation can help you significantly cut your home’s heating bills. At Oak Island Heating and Air Conditioning, our expert Home Comfort Specialists will do a complete assessment of your home heating needs and recommend a furnace that is appropriately sized to meet your requirements.

Further energy savings can be achieved by combining proper equipment maintenance and upgrades with recommended insulation, air sealing, and thermostat settings. Let us help you whether you are in Poway, Carlsbad, Escondido, or anywhere in North San Diego County.

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