Best Rated Local Air Conditioning Repair

One of the most common questions about repairs is when to call for help. Your AC may still be blowing some level of cool air, but that doesn’t mean it won’t benefit from repair.

When Should You Call for a Repair?

Your AC unit needs professional attention if you notice any of these warning signs:
  • It fails to cycle on and off
  • You’ve noticed leaking fluids
  • The coils in your AC may be frozen
  • It seems to turn off and more frequently than it used to
  • The normal “buzzing” of your AC seems to be getting louder

Your air conditioner failing to produce the amount of cool air you want in your home is not the only indication that you need to have it fixed.

Pay close attention to the bigger, less immediate issues related to your AC, such as:
  • Increasing Energy Bills – When air conditioners operate incorrectly, most homeowners force them to work harder, using more power and increasing their energy bill. Your air conditioning unit could be clogged or possibly broken. Especially if you have an outdoor unit, check it for any blockage, excess dirt or debris on the vents and filters, or excess noise.
  • Inconsistent airflow – A very common issue in households is some parts of the house being cooler than other parts. This means a repair may need to be performed to allow for a steady flow of air throughout the building.
  • Unusual noises – New and odd noises originating from your AC are usually a cry for help. It could be anything from a faulty motor to a piece of debris trapped inside.

Once you’ve hired Oak Island Heating and Air Conditioning to fix your AC system, you should also consider working with us on a maintenance plan to prevent shutdowns and major problems in the future.

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