When most homeowners in Carmel Valley, CA think of keeping their homes comfortable, they don’t usually think about indoor air quality. Because the common allergens that pollute indoor air are invisible, we don’t consider them much of a nuisance, but you’d be surprised at how drastically they can impact your health. While we’re fortunate enough to live in an area with fresh air and nearly year-round sunshine, that doesn’t mean our homes aren’t vulnerable to dust buildup and other pollutants.

Studies show that we spend nearly 90% of our day indoors. And with building science becoming more and more efficient, and while a well-sealed home is great for heating and cooling, it’s not so beneficial for air quality. This is where air scrubbers and dehumidifiers can work wonders.

Every home in North San Diego County is different—we’re not here to make blanket statements. But we have seen our fair share of satisfied homeowners who didn’t realize their air quality was having such an impact on their well-being. Especially if you have someone particularly vulnerable to allergens at home (such as an infant or elderly person), it’s worth considering the benefits you might get from installing one of these systems.