Del Mar Heat Pump Repair

Heat pumps offer an energy-efficient alternative to furnaces and air conditioners. Because they move heat rather than produce heat, they provide the same amount of heat for less than half the cost of using other heating and cooling methods.

Common Issues with Heat Pumps

The following problems most often indicate that a heat pump needs repair:
  • Heat Pump Is Not Heating or Cooling Sufficiently: It may have a leak or need to be recharged.
  • Heating Costs Are Increasing: If your bills are increasing, your heat pump may be working less efficiently, or it could simply be at an improper temperature control setting.
  • The Compressor is Frozen: If your heat pump does not properly defrost or freezes, it may be due to snowfall or debris blocking condensation drainage.

Heat pump repair should only be performed by a trained and certified heat pump repair technician. Heat pumps contain refrigerant chemicals that are hazardous if mishandled, so they must be disposed of properly. We can assist you with this and all of your other needs.