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Keeping Your House Cool Through Proper Ventilation

Uncategorized   |   January 01, 2018

Wanna keep cool but don’t wanna rack up your energy bills? Ventilation is an underappreciated area. To beat the scorching summer months, people set the thermostat to the lowest setting the entire day for weeks on end. People tend to forget there is a ‘V’ in the term ‘HVAC’ (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning). It’s understandable that air conditioning is the most usual answer to hot temperatures but it provides immediate cold temperatures. But being over-reliant on an air conditioning can not only spike your energy bills but can wear it down. Eventually, your air conditioning will shut down in the middle of July and you’re doomed – or are you? You can make your house much cooler and also make yourself less reliant on your air conditioning system if you understand the principles of proper ventilation. Luckily, this article will help you so that the next time you ring up an HVAC contractor, inquire about setting up your house that incorporates proper ventilation features.

Natural Ventilation
Natural Ventilation is as straight-forward as opening your windows. You want all the fresh air to come into your house although here comes the strategic aspect of natural ventilation. The fresh air that enters your house will eventually be heated, thus creating even a stuffier environment you want. The next step, is to provide another pathway for the heated air to exit the room. You ideally want a room that receives a constant supply of fresh air whilst also having a reliable exitway for warm air to escape. You can imagine this in a smaller scale. If you have a desktop computer, one fan sucks air in to cool your components whilst another fan flows air out. Your HVAC contractor can analyze the layout of your house and give you the optimum natural ventilation setup.

Mechanical Ventilation
Whilst natural ventilation utilizes natural winds to flow air in, mechanical ventilation relies on, you guessed it, mechanical features such as fans and ductwork to distribute air throughout your house. If your living room is situated in a windy area, then you probably don’t need mechanical ventilation. However, enclosed spaces especially ones with no windows need mechanical ventilation. Enclosed spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms is a breeding ground for bad air quality. Kitchens emit a lot of heat and can make the working environment almost unbearable. Luckily, HVAC contractors are also knowledgeable in providing the optimum mechanical ventilation setup in both domestic and business properties.

Even a proper ventilation system is not meant to entirely replace your air conditioning system. Instead, a proper ventilation system working in tandem with an air conditioning unit will work wonders for your property. In essence, you ideally don’t need to immediately switch on the air conditioning nor do you need to keep it running all night on summer evenings once you understand the principles of proper ventilation. Just like all other HVAC systems, the proper system for your property depends on the location and the size of your rooms. HVAC contractors take all of these things into account to provide you the ideal living conditions.

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