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Indoor Air Quality: Why You Should Install A Good Air Quality Management System

Uncategorized   |   January 01, 2018

Air Quality? But I Don’t Live Near A Factory!
If you think about it, there actually are many reasons why developed cities around the world have the clean air they enjoy. Cities in America couple of decades ago were riddled with smog and polluted air we couldn’t even imagine breathing everyday and San Diego was no different. Things have changed now for the better. Higher environmental standards and air quality management systems have a resulted in a drastic increase in air quality for cities throughout America.

It’s important to point out that these were not overnight transitions. It took years of strict adherence to air quality standards that everyone from large and small businesses to even residential areas had to follow. Whether you’re a business owner or a responsible homeowner that wants to have the cleanest and freshest air you can provide for those visiting and living inside your property, then contacting your local HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) contractor and investing in a quality air conditioning system will be one of the important investments you can make.

What Can Bad Indoor Air Quality Do To You?
Numerous health agencies around the world universally agree upon the health-related consequences of poor air quality. A easy sign to know if you’re location has questionable air quality issues is to look for strange musty odors. You need to act fast because prolonged exposure to bad air quality can cause respiratory ailments. Harmful gases such as nitrous oxide causes long-term damage to your respiratory system ranging from breathing problems to inflamed respiratory passages. Contaminated air irritates sensitive areas of your body such as the eyes and both nasal and throat passages.

Even though San Diego is generally considered to have pleasant weather conditions, high humidity is unfortunately becoming more common over the past few years. Believe it or not, humidity is also an aspect of air quality and places with high humidity can cause numerous effects. Humidity actually is a pain because not only can high levels of humidity cause health effects but it can also cause structural damages to your property!

Starting with health effects, high humidity can cause difficulty in breathing such as wheezing. For those who currently have respiratory problems, high humidity also serves as an ideal environment for mold and other allergens to thrive. Thus it worsens the conditions of those suffering from respiratory issues. You don’t wanna breathe in those mold spores and airborne allergens do you but unfortunately, many residents don’t pay close attention to their humidity levels until one of their family members develops respiratory ailments. As for structural problems, high humidity can cause paint to chip; wood to warp, and drywall tape to peel. In general, you should look out for structural components of your home that are severely affected by humidity.

Why You Should Invest In An Air Quality Management System
Now that you’re aware of the variety of health and structural effects on caused by air quality, then it’s about time you should start contacting your local HVAC contractor. They can set up proper ventilation systems to filter out harmful gases and airborne particles.

As for humidity, air conditioners serve as effective dehumidifiers plus they beat the summer heat so don’t forget to ask your HVAC contractor about installing an air conditioner. They will conduct regular maintenance checks to ensure your filters are regularly changed and to also ensure your home’s ventilation passages are free from any structural defects such as leaks.

Investing in a quality HVAC system will bring you enormous savings over your lifetime since you can now avoid the pricey hospital fees and structural repairs caused by bad air quality.

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