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How An HVAC System Can Be Your Hero Against Wildfires

Uncategorized   |   January 01, 2018

When Will It End?
International news routinely covers the annual devastating wildfires that the state of California suffers from. The scale of the areas affected is so vast that the scorched earth and plumes of smoke are clearly visible from space. In 2017 alone, California lost more than 500,000 acres of wildlands from wildfires. San Diego is no stranger to forest fires. Back in 2003, San Diego suffered from a devastating wildfire known as the San Diego County Cedar Fire which is considered one of California’s largest and most destructive wildfire in its entire history. A total of 273,000 acres of forests were scorched by the blaze, nearly 3,000 homes were destroyed, and 15 people lost their lives. As hard it is to admit, wildfires are the norm in California. Wildfires are to California the same as typhoons/hurricanes are to Southeast Asia.

Spillover Area of Wildfires
Even if you’re just a few dozen miles safe away from a wildfire, winds can allow the astronomic volumes of smoke to travel thousands of miles from its origin. As mentioned earlier, satellite images can show the wind direction in which smoke travels along with. Not only in San Diego but the entire Southern California to even Arizona is immersed in the smoky air and harmful particulates.

Health Consequences of Wildfires Pollution
Smoke pollution contains extremely harmful gases such as carbon monoxide and formaldehyde which can cause detrimental effects to your respiratory health. For those with pre-existing respiratory conditions, then they’ll unfortunately find their conditions worsen by spending more time outdoors. Even staying indoors won’t exactly cut it as this article explain later on why having a quality air-filtration system is vital.

Aside from noxious gases, smoke pollution also carries airborne microscopic particles that can further irritate your respiratory passages and other sensitive areas such as your eyes. Ever sat in front of a bonfire while the wind suddenly changed direction and the pillar of smoke then hits you? Your eyes start to water from the particulates present from the smoke and you start coughing uncontrollably. Of course, smoke pollution doesn’t exactly resemble this applied over hundreds of square miles but even so, a subtle haze in your city’s landscape is a warning sign that you should head indoors. How can San Diego residents protect themselves against common natural calamities?

HVAC Systems Are Your Frontline Defense Against Wildfire Pollution
Local San Diego HVAC contractors have the necessary technology in keeping all the noxious gases and airborne pollutants out of your property. Ask your HVAC contractor to install forced-air cooling systems equipped with special filters (must be cleaned and changed routinely) to keep extremely fine contaminants from entering your property. Window-type air conditioners are not that effective in filtering out contaminants so having a dedicated filtration system is the prime way to keep your home free from pollution. Try not to trust yourself in the maintenance of your system. Instead, put your trust in your local HVAC technicians as they are well-trained in conducting maintenance work. From time-to-time, they will conduct regular inspections to make sure HVAC system is in proper working order. Without a doubt, an unfiltered house with appalling air quality will be the primary cause of respiratory healthcare bills. In the end, you’ll be saving yourself from a lot of financial trouble and health consequences if you choose to invest in a potentially life-saving HVAC system.

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