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Energy Efficiency In HVAC Systems: How To Save A Fortune In Your Heating Bills

Uncategorized   |   January 01, 2018

Heating and cooling comprises a major expense of any home owner or business owner so the last thing you want is an expensive HVAC system. Luckily for all of us, we live in an decade were the technology of HVAC system has progressed exponentially. More and more energy efficient systems are now available, thereby decreasing the costs it takes to run them. Naturally, your choice will be predominantly affected but your location whether you live in Texas with roasting hot summers or in Montana with frigid winters.

At some point during your search for energy efficient HVAC systems, you’ll come across with more technical terms such as Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER), Energy Efficiency Rating (EER), and Heat Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) that specifically labels a system’s energy efficiency rating. You can take a look at this article by Energy Star if you want to know more about the technicalities of HVAC energy efficiency.

Rather, this article will provide you general info on energy efficient heating systems and if you already spotted your choice, you can then examine its SEEF and EER ratings to find the most energy efficient option for you. Here’s a short list of ingenious heating systems that includes their general description, their energy efficiency, and cost effectiveness so you can better understand which ones are applicable for you and for your location.

If you live in an area that sees longer winters but wanna cut down a lot on heating costs, then here are some energy efficient heating systems you can install.

Geothermal Heat Pumps – Geothermal pumps are extremely useful for areas that experience long and very cold winters. Instead of having an external unit that needs to work extra hard to negate the difference between outside and indoor temperatures, geothermal systems are buried a few feet below the ground where temperatures are constant and hardly fluctuate. It taps the natural residual heat of the earth below so you don’t have to worry about fuel resources such as natural gas. It effectively renders this system as sustainable . As brilliant as it is, the initial installation costs are quite steep since it involves excavating large sections of earth. However, you don’t have to live in the tundras of Alaska to have a geothermal system. Over the long run, you will recoup your costs since you’re not routinely spending on fuel resources.

Solar Heating – As the name suggests, it uses electromagnetic radiation more commonly known as sunlight to heat a network of tubing which then disperses it throughout the house. The installation costs of a solar heating system are way lower than a geothermal system as one can expect. Just like the geothermal system, you can rely on seemingly infinite energy the earth provides for you. It merely needs to be laid on an exposed area such as a roof or even your backyard to receive sunlight rather than digging huge piles of earth and burying vast networks of tubing. The catch is that a solar heating system is not ideal for a place that sees more cloudy, windy, and cold days. Rather, a solar heating system is an energy efficient way of simply heating water for domestic use such as bathing. Thus, the heat it generates is not sufficient enough to supply the heating requirements of an entire house. However in the recent years, HVAC engineers have come up with new ingenious ways making a solar heating system that are extremely cost effective in cold environments (but with good supply of sunlight) that’ll actually act as the central heating unit of an entire house.

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